Welcome to PaddleQuest

PQ is Wisconsin's own paddling adventure competition that is truly "choose your own adventure". For me it has always been about appreciating natural beauty and spending good time with friends but for some it has become a highly competitive adventure contest of paddling, gaming, costuming, and glory seeking.  Perhaps you will fall somewhere in between. Explore the site and enjoy your stay, we hope you will join us this summer for some of the best times had on our Wisconsin waterways. 

-Cap'n Matt

Get your team together and paddle with a coed team of three, team of two or go solo as a Lonestar as you hunt characters, complete challenges and compete the series of chant totems. In each class, a team with the most points is named: "The Protector".

For ages 8 - 80, PaddleQuest welcomes you to set your own pace and just have fun or go for the glory of being named "The Protectors". Along the way you will choose to meet the characters of PaddleQuest in their world.  Your participation could have an impact on the direction the story takes. Head over and have a quick read...