Mandatory Gear

These items will not only make you experience better but are required— please help PQ stay safe into the future.

2 liters of water per person per day— a half gallon jug per person

Whistle to aid in water rescue— could also help hail down a hero

Boat paddles :-D

Lifejacket 1 per person

Throwable float, also makes for a good seat

At least one charged gps device, emergency cell per craft, located in a dry bag

1 dry bag (for aforementioned cell phone and game cards and pieces)


First aid kit

Suggested Gear

Not required but certainly helpful!

Duct tape

Ear plugs for camping

Extra bag for treasures and items

Decorations for canoe

Pen or felt tip marker for taking notes on map

Rope for tying off boat

Sun hats


Bug spray

Rain gear (depending on weather)


Blankets (depending on weather)