Where do we stay? You may camp at Lakside Bar, no charge. It is first come first serve, and be advised that no running water is available bring water for drinking. There are porto-johns onsite. 

Looking for a hotel? Check out the new Cobblestone Hotel in downtown Stevens Point. 

Does the registration fee include canoes/kayaks? Due to the cost and logistics, canoes and other craft are not provided. For Stevens Point, check with Nature Treks, ED Ventures or Bahamas Bar. Do not forget your life vests as you cannot quest without them! Please take good care of your rental craft.

Do I need a team to register? When you sign up, you sign up as a team but do not choose your class until sign-in. THat way of your team of 3 falls apart, you could still join in as class b (team of 20. 

Do we have to paddle on Sunday? Sunday is optional. On Sunday all teams paddle to the same spot and compete as part of their alliance group. You may call it quits after Saturday but be sure to get to Saturday scoring back at Lakeside.

Can all female or all male teams play as a team of three? No, teams of three (class a) must be coed. You could sign up two teams and paddle together as an armada, but would be individual competitors.

Can we sub a new player on Sunday NO SUNDAY SUBSTITUTIONS. This means no fresh players on Sunday. You may paddle alone on Sunday. Only the captain needs to actually register, so you may form the team later or change to a different class as needed. 

How do I register? Do I need to register in advance? Register online in advance starting in May 1st until July 15th. Registration is required ahead of time. 

I'm still lost. What is PaddleQuest?! This can be a tough question to answer because the event is different things to different people. Think "Last day of adult summer camp"  says PQ Hero Jeanne Salmon. PaddleQuest is a competitive, paddling-based clean up adventure race with an ongoing storyline that you, the quester, helps write through your actions. You may be as involved as you like. Some teams just paddle at their own pace and enjoy the weather and friendly people . Other teams have a theme, getting super involved in the story and go-for-the-GOLD (not always the pirate gold, but the trophy- you get the point).

What do we do with all the litter that we collect? Safely collect trash from the water using grabbers or by wearing gloves. Keep a dedicated trash bag secured to your craft (so as not to lose it all when tipped). When you run across “The Garbage Barge” you may unload your trash for a “ECO STAMP” the most valuable stamp in PaddleQuest. The trash is then recycled if possible or sent away in our dumpster.

How do you win? Each year and event PQ is slightly different, so each year strategies change. Treasures and stamps however, will always have value. Make it checkpoints and try to complete challenges. Many times collecting the right combination of magical items will score you more points in the end. For example: In 2006 when team ARRR! rescued the Queen- this was the number one event but they still did not win overall. In 2010 The “New Age Heroes” captured the Alpha-Bistro but still only managed to place third.

What do you win? Winners take home a traveling trophy that they can then modify to their liking. The “Protectors” are also glorified in PQ social media and in the video content. Sponsors also provide various prizes that are different every year.

How do you volunteer? If you want to be a character, or help run PQ, apply on the volunteer page or just send a note to: paddlequest_at_gmail.com


PaddleQuest has been in existence since 2002 when it was started by a Loyola University Chicago video crew, directed by Matt Kirsch. After the first year which was set up for a video and only lasted five hours, the competitors asked for another quest and Matt delivered. Each year since the event has grown and developed- aging gracefully. As more participants join in the fun the event streamlines a bit and the scoring becomes tighter. 

In 2011 the event began being held in other locations such as Milwaukee, Minneapolis, King, WI and Lake DuBay. 


PRE - REGISTRATION is mandatory and will begin May 1st and continue until July 15th. Rates will increase slightly as time goes on so get signed up! 

What are the challenges

There are no "drinking game" type challenges. At no time does PaddleQuest staff provide alcohol to the participants.  

During the quest you will be required to find the "Totem Masters" who may be a pirate, castaway, island hermit or a hero. These masters will give you a secret chant to recite at the scoring tables for a massive bonus. 

There are about 12 checkpoints in 2018 Odyessy and there will be games ranging from blind volleyball to canoe battleship. On Day 1 there is a lot of paddling but no mandatory route. You are on your own quest! If you hit it hard there will be about 14-18 miles depending on your route and strategy.

Day 2 & Alliances

Day 2 will no longer be a reboot of Day 1. Day 2 will have a completely new challenge lineup. Team will have a coulple bonus challenges but the mauin event is the alliance competition. The alliance that wins the  day 2 games will advance their storyline for the next year. 

Saturday Scoring

All teams will turn in their tokens and magic items on Saturday evening to be scored. This will give teams a better idea of their standing on Day 1 and also speed things up on Sunday, getting teams traveling from out of town back on the road as quickly as possible after the ceremony. 

What is PaddleQuest? Help me.

PaddleQuest sends you and your team from place to place to compete in various games and challenges for tokens. Along the way you will meet characters who inhabit the storyline of The Backwaters. Talk to these characters to get maps to totems (see above) and magic items. When you find trash you may turn it into treasure by bringing it to the "Cosmic Hoarder". The team with the most points in each class is named: Protector. 

Participants may enter as a coed team of three or team of two. These “Questers” paddle canoes, kayaks or stand up paddle boards along waterways using maps to guide them to characters offering challenges for Power Stamps. Along the way questers gather trash for additional stamps. In addition to finding magic items and completing challenges (as if this were not enough) you may hunt down Chant Totems, which when complete-give you a phrase to recite for a large bonus at the scoring tables. The team with the most points is named "The Protector." There are three classes competing for the title: Coed team of three (A), team of two (B). The Protectors (champions) take home traveling trophies, sponsor prizes and more.

Clean up adventure racing?

Thats right, PaddleQuest is a clean-up adventure race. Along the way, teams are encouraged to pick up trash that they find floating or onshore that they then exchange for additional power stamps from one of the characters in play, usually the Cosmic Hoarder. In 2014 two teams found two old tube TVs! Thats a lot of 2s! Others have found chairs, bumpers, ancient live traps, cans, baits, and much much more. Trash collection is not mandatory but is encouraged by the additional points earned for hunting down unique trash. After the event we hope that questers will start seeing trash as treasure in their own excursions.